Thursday, October 01, 2009

Long day.

Brain won't turn on. Seeking a double scotch.

Here's Monk, playing Epistrophy.

Catch you later.
(PS I want a hat just like Monk's when I grow up)


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Pour me one too, please.

DILLIGAF said...

I've got a hat like that. Wifey doesn't let me wear it if I go out with her though...:-(

Make mine a vodka

brassawe said...

I am so impressed that you put this up, mr. anchovy. I have listened to Thelonious Monk's recordings so often that I honestly think I could pick a snippet of one of his tunes out of a random blind sample of jazz piano work from that era. He is the only one in that category for me as much as I love Bill Evans' work.