Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Safety Vest

I bought a safety vest. I did this after my brother the trout, Salvelinas Fontinalis, sent me an email about the upcoming turkey season. By the time I finished reading his missive, I was imagining turkey hunters behind every tree firing away at me and Memphis as we stumbled through the woods in search of tasty edible mushrooms.

When I started foraging for mushrooms, I hadn't considered hunters, but no doubt we frequent the same forests and at the same time too. I know most hunters are very careful about what they shoot, but now and then some guy gets mistaken for a deer somewhere or another and gets blasted.

My brother suggested that a vocal warning accompany bright clothing. He uses "Yo Bob!" which he periodically shouts in the woods, suggesting that not only is here there, but maybe somebody else is in there too, so better becareful.


Candy Minx said...

Jeez, there ain't no slack. Do we get to see a pic of you in your florescent vest, btw?

DILLIGAF said...

Now precisely how could you be mistaken for a turkey?

Inquiring minds need to know

(changed me blog addy again....long story)

brassawe said...

At least you are not searching for mushrooms in Wisconsin during deer season, the onset of which is nearly upon us again, mr. anchovy. We have not gotten through deer season in Wisconsin without somebody getting killed since 1973. I think the safety vest is an excellent idea nonetheless. I am glad that your brother sent you that email.

Candy Minx said...

Hey. Russel is on Letterman ah Friday night, I menan.

And here:

A said...

My mother, sister and I accomplished a fairly major hike Sunday that took us to a childhood homesite my mother hasn't seen in 51 years. While it was lovely, we were trekking right into the heart of deer, elk, and bear territory, and hunting season began two weeks ago. We wore all the fluorescent orange we could find, strapped pepper spray to our palms, and were sure to blab loudly, non-stop, which isn't a challenge for us! Be careful in the woods. Do you have some orange for Memphis, too?

Wandering Coyote said...

Excellent idea. I hadn't thought of mushroom picking during hunting season, but you're absolutely right. I believe it's the law in ON, too, that all hunters must wear red/orange.

Anonymous said...

In Ontario hunters who are armed during the 2 one week shotgun seasons for deer must wear orange blaze. This is a concession to hunter safety which does not impact upon their ability to kill stuff because as it turns out deer are color blind. If they discover that deer could spot the orange then the law certainly would be changed. Hunters with other types of weapons (crossbow, musket, blunderbuss) or who are hunting at some time other than those two one week periods are not required to wear orange and in fact most wear camo outfits.

While one would think that it would be impossible to mistake someone walking through the woods for a deer or turkey, in fact it does happen. About 3 years ago a woman was killed while walking in a county forest near Tottenham - shot by a deerhunter from a range of about 30 yards. Picture a guy on his knees hunched over a mess of mushrooms greedily filling his basket behind a shrubbery when a hunter who hasnt had anything to shoot at for 2 days spots movement behind the bush. Or picture a hiker coming up over a knoll with a hunter on the other side so that only the hunters head is visible. These are dangerous situations.

The orange during the gun season addresses the issue of having far too many hunters for the amount of land available in Southern Ontario. I live on 51 acres and have no forest, it is all field, and yet during deer season it is not unusual to go out into my backyard and spot 6 armed trespassers dressed in orange patrolling our fencerows.

This past spring I had a guy knock on the door asking for permission to hunt turkey on my land. I said no and suggested he could hunt in nearby county forests. He replied "Oh no, I never hunt in public forests, it is too dangerous. There are too many crazies with guns in there" ... sal

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