Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Hot Frittatas

A recent order of CDs arrived in yesterday's post. One of them was Caffe Liscio by a Northern California group called The Hot Frittatas. There are three guys - one plays mandolin and violin - one plays piano accordion - and the other plays guitar - and they specialize in a 19th Century musical tradition called Ballo Liscio. They play an all instrumental mix of polkas, mazurkas, marches, "musette noir", as well as a Sicilian Tarantella. These guys are fabulous players who attack their music with love and passion. This CD is going to get a lot of play here at Anchovy Headquarters.

On the 5 anchovy rating scale, this one gets a solid 4 salties.
Enjoy some samples.


Red said...

Ah, il liscio! So big in the area I'm from (just south of Emilia Romagna, which is the cradle of this musical genre). Have you ever heard of Raul (I think that's the right spelling) Casadei? He's the King of Liscio.

mister anchovy said...

no, but I'll try to find some of his material. thx

Anonymous said...

man i'm starving...a hot fritatta sounds so good right now!