Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Los Gauchos de Roldan

Here is some more very well played traditional music, this time from Uruguay. The buttonbox player, Walter Roldan was born in 1943 and has been playing traditional music for more than 50 years. The squeezebox music from rural Uruguay is derived from European rhythms that came over with immigration. As a result, this music will sound familiar in some respects. They play polkas, Mazurkas, schottiches (correct my spelling if you must), waltzes and more. The link will take you to a selection of cuts well worth some listening time. I noticed on the website that these guys played Toronto last year. I hope they come back, because I'd love to hear them live.

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Squeezyboy said...

Excellent find Mister Anchovy.
I really enjoyed those tracks.
I've never really heard any Uruguan music before.