Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Debate in Ward 11

PB010006, originally uploaded by mister anchovy.

I live in Ward 17 in Toronto, but I'm actively supporting a candidate for City Councillor in Ward 11, Rocky Gualtieri. The picture here is from the all-candidates debate tonight in Mount Dennis. That's Rocky to the left. Beside him is grass-roots candidate Pansy Mullings, then the NDP-backed Paul Ferreira, and finally the sitting Councillor, Frances Nunziata. I think it was clear to most of the people out for the debate tonight that it is indeed time for a change. The Councillor has had ample opportunity to improve the ward....

Gualtieri is a long-time resident in the area who is committed to taking on tough issues in Ward 11. I know he is a man with great drive and energy, who will work hard for the community. I hope to see Ward 11 voters give him an opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

Dave Meslin says his sites and are going make him a kingmaker in local politics.

If anything Dave who used to work in NDP MPP Marilyn Churley's constituency office has only managed to help fringe candidates
undermine the chances of well known and well respected NDP candidates like Alejandra Bravo, Paul Ferreira and Greg Hamara from having any chance to unseat incumbent city councillors.

Way to go Dave!