Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Out-of-season song (Blackflies come out in spring)

Driving home tonight, for no reason at all, I found myself humming The Blackfly Song, that Canadian Classic by Wade Hemsworth. What can you say about a guy who wrote songs so fantastic they seem solidly embedded in our culture. His songs offer the comfort of something that has always been with us. Mr. Hemsworth died in 2002. There is a memorial here. How many of you Canucks recall the National Film Board animated films around The Blackfly Song and The Log Drivers Waltz? Wasn't it the McGarrigles singing Log Drivers Waltz (which, incidentally, pleases girls completely, so says the song). I had the privilage of hearing him play and sing at a Mariposa Festival up in Barrie many years ago. Fantastic

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