Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mount Dennis residents at the all-candidates meeting

PB010001, originally uploaded by mister anchovy.

There was a strong turnout for the Ward 11 all-candidates meeting. it was well-organized in what turned out to be an excellent location.


Gardenia said...

I must be really stressed out of my gourd and tired, I was reading the caption to your photo and thought it said....strong turnout for the World War II all-candidates.....I thought hmmmm, what offices are the elderlies running for? Duhhhhhhhhhhh

We had Election Judge Training today. Seeing the fallibilities of just being people, humans, its a wonder we can run elections at all.

My daughter sent me a rather sacriligeous book called "Bad Bush" today---I feel guilty reading it, but it is so blamed clever, and some things I think but don't say.........

ah, elections. Our general is Nov. 7 - when is yours -???

mister anchovy said...

Municipal elections for Councillors, the Mayor and school trustees will be Nov 13 for us.

Candy Minx said...

I'm recording the movie Hacking Democracy tonight. It's supposed to be an expose on the ways the ballots can be tampered...I didn't think America had any problem tampering with elections. I'm afraid for Stagg to see it he will get depressed. He is already so cynical about voting and politicians. Worse than me even!

These are some great pics...they are so so...well charming, around the world committee meetings seem to look the same don't they?

L.M. said...

Stagg is right to be upset, the American Diebold voting machines are a scandal in terms of their security.

Diana, I devote my evenings to whatever U.S. election is happening. We follow them very closely here. (with fear and dread)