Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two of Canada's natural wonders Nahanni, Rocky Mountain parks under threat, says UNESCO

From Randy Boswell's Article in CanWest News Service: "The world's top cultural agency has raised alarms about possible threats to the ecological ''integrity'' of two of Canada's natural wonders, the Nahanni and Rocky Mountain national parks".

Don't think for a minute that the big energy companies won't do everything they can to get their paws on those resources. All for a greasy buck.


Gardenia said...

Living, for now, in a boom area of the country, boy could I tell some tales. Of air so caustic it makes your eyes water and lungs burn, of ground scraped of every living thing and dirt pieces flying through the air and into lungs, greed, more greed, more greed, animals wandering the asphalt streets in confusion.......ah, I could go on - oh ya, of politicians willing to sell their children's futures off for money....and power

Timmer said...

Good for Layton. It would be most excellent if they push through and extend the boundaries. I would like to canoe on the Nahanni some day.

greatwhitebear said...

Perhaps the departure of the that Dubya clone, Ralph Klein, willhelp the situation.