Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bush sees second chance for New Orleans

My guest bloggers last week pointed out that I rarely swear on this blog. Today I'll make an exception. A year after Katrina, that fucker Bush visited Fats Domino's house in New Orleans to try to squeeze a little spin on the whole sordid affair. Check out the article.


Gardenia said...

"No, mam, not again." Kahhhhhhhhk, gag, awwwwrrrrrrooooorr, barf, gag some more.

Timmer said...

The guy is a prick for sure.

* (asterisk) said...

And a well-placed curse word it is, too. You see how much stronger it is coming from you, who rarely uses it here? At my blog, for example, swearing ceases to have any meaning or power. Oh well, at least we all agree Bush is a fucker and a prick.