Monday, August 28, 2006

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Notice a trend? My hit count has spiked since Radmila mentioned the "Ikea Catalogue Controversy" on this blog. I wonder if I keep using the phrase Ikea Catalogue Controversy enough times, the trend will continue. Lo and behold, Johnny Cash (sans finger) was only mentioned once. It seems that the public at large may be obsessed with whether or not Ikea deliberately published a picture of a dog with an unusually big johnson. My question to you is this: would it matter? I mean would you get up one Saturday morning and say, "Honey, let's not go to Ikea today after know that picture and all....let's go to Idomo instead....they just have the dude with the weird beard".

Please weigh in on this one, friends - is this business going to put a dent in your Ikea shopping? Not me. We shop there from time to time and I expect that to continue.


* (asterisk) said...

I don't think anything can slow the ever-faster runaway train that is Ikea. I hate going there and rarely do.

Radmila said...

I believe I am now #1 on google for IKEA penis controversy.

Is this not ridiculous?

CannedAm said...

ROFL! I think the picture's funny. Wouldn't stop me. I LOVE Ikea. Bet someone's in trouble though. Hilarious you are getting hits this way. Now I gotta go see what the rest of the world is saying about this . . .

mister anchovy said...

hundreds of hits in fact....and I don't even have the picture posted. You go figure.