Wednesday, June 21, 2006

World Cup Fever in Toronto

I've heard that Americans don't share Torontonians' affection for international soccer. Is that true? Today Portugal beat Mexico, without even playing all their best guys. Tuffy and I went for a walk around the hood this evening, and the horn honking and flag waving along St. Clair was spectacular. The police seem to more or less let it happen, intervening only occasionally to stop the inevitable punch-up that occurs when lots of beer and nationalism mix. Tomorrow will be crazy around here too, as Brasil is playing. Then on to the next round. Click here to visit the Official Website of the FIFA World Cup.

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greatwhitebear said...

Americans love to PLAY soccer. Most cities, especially in the rust belt and coasts, have more youth soccer teams than little league teams. But they hate watching on TV. BORING!

A couple of things will eventually change that. First, when all TV is HD, it will be much easier to see and understand the nuances of the game. I saw a game on HD the other night and couldn't believe the difference.

Second, when we develope an international star on the level of Beckhan or Renaldo.

Third, we must become more consistant in international play.