Saturday, August 29, 2009

Site 41: stopped for now

For those not from around here, Site 41 refers to a proposed dump up in Simcoe county, an hour or so north of Toronto, above what protesters call the world's most pristine water. It looked like the dump was going to be pushed through regardless of any environmental risk and regardless of the protests. However dogged grassroots protest has led to a one-year moratorium on construction, and according to the Globe and Mail, after that vote, "even the die-hard supporters of the dump were changing their tune. It's time to move on and forget about Site 41 entirely, Warden Guergis said."

$11 Million has already been spent on the ill-fated dump. The plan was to use a gigantic rubber barrier to stop toxins from leaching into the aquifer. The proposed dump has some history. It was initially rejected as environmentally unsound, then reassessed. County council approved the dump in 2007 by a narrow margin.

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It goes to show that organized protest can be successful, sometimes even when the deal seems done. One question remains unanswered....if they need a dump, and it isn't going here, where will it go?

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Candy Minx said...

We owe a lot to First Nations who have been protesting this so's finally coming to the attention of Non-Natives. Hopefully this blockage will help educate people to choose their products carefully that they buy. There is no reason to have very much garbage. If people go to the managers of their hardware stores, grocery stores and tell them they won't buy products that have extra packaging...the managers will put pressure on the stop putting products into ridiculous packaging.

Maybe those old fashioned stores were good for fighting garbage. Those ones where you had to ask a clerk to help you...and they would help find the tool or food item...and because they had people working in the stores...helpfully...there was less theft, less packaging.