Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back in the forest

Memphis and I visited some forests this morning, stumbling about among the branches and fallen logs and stumps, looking for mushrooms. I picked some lobsters and a few chanterelles and some boletes. Memphis came out covered in burrs that had to be oh so gently combed out when we got home. We both had a great time though. Wandering through the forest with your pup is a top notch activity in my book, and finding dinner is a bonus.

It was a rainy morning where I was, but in the forest I hardly noticed. I could hear the rain more than feel it.

Update on the big bolete in the photos... It didn't stain blue, so I tasted it and I thought it didn't taste bitter. Salvelinas suggested I have Tuffy P taste it as well. He has pointed out to me that he can't detect bitter very well, and needs someone else to test boletes for him. Tuffy P tasted a bit of the bolete and said it was bitter, very bitter. Funny huh? Rats.


Bloggerboy said...

Great food photos, by the way. I need to work on my food photography.

Stagg said...

Dude shroomin' serious!!


sp said...

I am astounded at all those beautiful mushrooms. Where is this forest? Or perhaps you don't want to give the location away.

mister anchovy said...

I've been hunting for mushrooms in public forests. If I were to publish which ones, the mushrooms might be gone by the time I get there. So yes, I'm a little secretive about where I go.

That said, a little reading about edible mushrooms will reveal the types of forests they can be found in. Then all you have to do is find the right kind of forest. I'm learning a lot about tree identification along the way.