Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Making a garden out back

A while back I found some interlocking cement items cast aside along one of the edges of our back yard. I decided to reclaim them and use them to create a raised perennial garden. I wanted to raise the garden because the maze of tree roots back there make digging one very difficult. I brought in a load of triple mix, and spent part of the day moving it from front to back, supervised my our bear of a puppy.

The whole back yard is quite shady, and with all the mature trees around, I decided to make a garden with a woodland feel. I planted some of the big ostrich ferns. These get up to 4 feet tall and are quite dramatic. They're also the ferns used as edible fiddleheads in Southern Ontario.

Spicecat gave me a container with two plants in it. One is Lysimachia ciliata "Firecracker", a native wildflower known as fringed loosestrife (not to be confused with purple loosestrife, an invasive weed in Ontario). The other plant in the bucket is Polyganatum, or Solomon's Seal, a herbaceous plant of the lily family.

I added three different Coral Bells. I had Coral Bells at Blackthorn, in the partial shade of a Japanese Maple. Based on that experience, I think this spot should have enough light for these plants. At least I hope so.

I planted one red-leafed Mukdenia "Karasuba". I think this plant would like more sun than I have but I think it will tolerate our conditions OK.

I planted half a dozen little Labrador Violets in the biggest holes.

Finally, I planted two Foxgloves, a Camelot Rose Foxglove and a Camelot Lavender Foxglove.

It still looks pretty empty, but give it some time, and it should make a fine garden. In the meantime, I may supplement it with a few annuals for colour.

Looks like rain tonight. Perfect.


Wandering Coyote said...

Nice job! I love the edging, and I love raised beds - way better for the back.

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L.M. said...

I've had great results with Solomon's Seal in the shady part of my back yard.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww! Memphis!

S.M. Elliott said...

Is the pup, um, fertilzing your garden?

As much as I despise gardening, all these pics and wonderful growing things are making me wonder what I'm missing!

Ron Moorby said...

I can't get rid of the Solomon's Seal - it's rampaging across the garden. Edible ferns sound interesting - how much do you get? Salad or vegetable?

mister anchovy said...

Well Ron, here's the thing... I don't know anybody that actually eats the things. Usually people who do eat them gather them in a forest where there are zillions of them. The idea is that you pick them when they look like little fiddleheads sticking out of the ground in the spring. I think they are usually sauteed, but as I say, I just KNOW they're edible...that isn't the same as eating them.

SME, gardening can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. On the other hand, it takes work and patience and some dedication. A lot of people just want the results, but really gardening isn't so much about the results as it is about the process.

sp said...

How exciting to be starting a new garden.
Foxgloves are so beautiful. They are my new favorite flower. I can't wait to see more pictures.

It looks like a puppy sprung up in your garden. How fortunate.

Anonymous said...

the puppy looks pretty happy