Thursday, May 07, 2009

Beethovan's 9th Polka

This is the Dynatones. This footage is from Seven Springs PA but the Dynatones were from Buffalo New York. I didn't know their music back then, but when I listen to their compilation cd, Vintage Dynatones, I find much of it to be some of the best Polish American polka music recorded.

Here's one I've posted before, and I'll likely post again at some future date. It's the Zosia Polka, and these guys do a killer version. This was recorded just a couple years ago.

The fellow up front playing the Chemnitzer Concertina is Dave Seweryniak, known as Scrubby.

Here's a vintage clip...

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Greg S. said...

Oh man, that 9th Symphony really got me going. Where was the chorus?