Wednesday, February 04, 2009

City Beat: Toronto stabbings shut two schools....

More violence on Toronto Streets

It looks like two 16 year old kids were stabbed by two or three other kids. Police set up a command post at Dundas and Shaw. This is not an area of town known for violence. It looks like both of them will be OK.

Geez I hate to see this.


Anonymous said...

Here in Australia a father threw his 4 year old daughter off a bridge to her death this week.

Such things are unfathomable aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear such things and with context of rising teenage violence in some other cities (ok, mainly London) it can invoke fears. But on the other hand, has the situation ever been better? Do you remember bike gangs related violence in 70s? Violence is part of our lives...unfortunately.
Take care