Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's going on in Yellowstone?

Scientists have observed an unusual swarm of earthquakes in Yellowstone Park. More than 250 tremors occurred over three days.
Yellowstone is an active volcanic and tectonic area, but apparently these tremors are very unusual. It isn't known if this is a precursor to more significant activity.

Thanks to East Texas Red for passing this along.

PS I didn't know earthquakes came in swarms. How do we characterize groups of the following:


Candy Minx said...

The article was really interesting. Oh I love those pots of heat in Jellystone! I have a fantasy of staying at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel sometime...

I would love to have a case of paints and find some place to paint by those areas where the board walks go for a few hours...the colours are so amazing...

I'm crazy for the mud pots and geysers and the whole lower basin area. They were already scary enough without swarming earthquakes though!

The Honourable Husband said...

A mob of kangaroos, and a murder of crows. I think the rest are flocks and swarms and herds, but I could be wrong.

For many years, one of the banes of my life was a mob of kangaroos that swarmed through my yard, causing havoc.

(Isn't there a havoc of something?)


P.S. FYI, my Blogger word verification tonight is "persap". I believe that is the collective word for handbags.

mister anchovy said...

Hey HB8, I'll be posting a full list soon. Har!

Gardenia said...

Instead of a herd of cattle - would be a "swarm" of cattle - hmmmmm - a pride of lions becomes a swarm of lions - I like it!!!!!

The earth's crust is thin in Yellowstone (obviously) - some scientists have been predicting a huge disaster up there - we often call events of nature disasters it seems.

One of my favorite places in Wyoming is Thermopolis - which also has a very thin crust - there are lots of HOT springs - full of sulphur - quite an unique area -

I wonder when they spoke of "clusters" they didn't mean "series" - - I have felt tremors in Carbon County which is a good ways from Yellowstone - and a few tremors followed - a cluster or a series?

Love driving the Wind River - the geology of years of volcanoes, quakes, layering, erosion - so visible - fantastic area this is.....

mister anchovy said...

I like that country too Gardenia. I've done my share of fly fishing in and around Yellowstone. I think I like it best in late September when the tourists have thinned out and the air is clear and crisp.

sp said...

What about a "gang of kids." There's probably a nicer term, but I tend to use the word "gang." Sounds menacing doesn't it? Maybe it should be a gang of earthquakes.