Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Collective Nouns - a selected list

The list of collective nouns is extensive. Here is an abridged list...

herd of antelope
colony of ants
congress of baboons
culture of bacteria
sleuth of bears
lodge of beavers
flight of bees
flock of birds
wake of buzzards
army of caterpillars
nuisance of cats
drove of cattle
brood of chickens
parcel of deer
cote of doves
flight of dragons
swarm of eels
memory of elephants
school of fish
knot of frogs
gaggle of geese
cloud of gnats
implausibility of gnus
leash of hares
array of hedgehogs
crash of hippopotami
nest of hornets
stable of horses
pack of hounds
smack of jellyfish
mob of kangaroos
ascension of larks
pride of lions
lounge of lizards
michief of mice
tribe of monkeys
watch of nighingales
bevy of otter
parliament of owls
company of parrots
ostentation of peacocks
huddle of penguins
nye of pheasants
litter of pigs
pod of porpoises
covey of quail
warren of rabbits
gaze of raccoons
rhumba of rattlesnakes
storytelling of ravens
run of salmon
bob of seals
shiver of shark
fold of sheep
den of snakes
host of sparrows
flock of turkeys
colony of vultures
sneak of weasels
pod of whales
pack of wolves
herd of yaks
zeal of zebras


Candy Minx said...

I love all these, so much fun. some others ...I used to know a lot of these but hard to remember...usually I remember the more dramatic or fabulist collectives...

skulk of foxes, colony of beavers, exhaltation of larks, cast of hawks, rhumba of rattlesnakes, troop of baboons, band of gorillas, business of ferrets...

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Mr. Anchovy!
Good health, happinness and lots of music!

All the best,
Saw Lady

Anonymous said...

a nuisance of cats! ha!