Sunday, November 23, 2008


This afternoon, Tuffy P was heading up to a lighting store to get a fixture for our bedroom and perhaps some other things as well. In a fit of absolute madness, I volunteered to go along. We actually visited two lighting stores up north of the old neighbourhood. I learned that after ten minutes in a lighting store, my head starts spinning. None-the-less, we managed to buy a pair of big glass pendant lights for the big room above the garage (we call it the tree house), a ceiling fan for the same room, a fixture for the bedroom, two outdoor fixtures, and a mirror. On top of that, I bought a lamp for my music room. We filled the car. Filled it I say.


Candy Minx said...

That' s funny.

Gardenia said...

Your gasoline has gone down too? I think it is a plot to get us to buy Christmas presents with the difference? But I will be paying off my charge card that I used when it cost four times as much to fill up, hahahahah.

Bridget Jones said...

Yahoo let the decorating start! Glad that you got into it too.