Saturday, November 22, 2008

Do you remember Don Messer and his Islanders?

I was 13 when Don Messer died. I can remember seeing him on television. Years later, I came across an old record with some tunes by Mr. Messer and his Islanders. I really enjoyed the arrangements and the spirit of his music. Here's a short vignette about Don Messer. Here's a lovely version of The Saint Anne's Reel, complete with step dancing. Terrific! This next piece features Charlie Chamberlain

Finally, here's Stompin Tom's tribute to Don Messer.


Anonymous said...

Le Reel Sainte-Anne footage is great. When I was a kid we only had CBC, so of course I hated this sort of thing then.

mister anchovy said...

Me too, LM, but it sure has aged well, hasn't it?

Anonymous said...

I agree. I love it now and I'm glad that 8 year old girls didn't run network programming then.

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dustyroade said...

I remember the Don Messer show well, my parents and i used to watch it every week. There has never been another show like it since, actually there isn't a show on the TV or radio today that has any of that Canadian fiddle music that Messer used to I guess we prefer to import our music from the USA.