Saturday, October 18, 2008

More newfs

Here's Zoe again at the top. The pile of pups in the photo are hers. They pile on one another and make up a big blob of pups. The very little one was just born yesterday. The landseer in the kennel is Gus, an older boy with a lot of character.

We're going to get a Newfoundland pup in the spring, likely in April or May. We were told that once they're on solid food, the pups put on a third of a pound a day, and can grow to 150 pounds, and occasionally even bigger. Some are more compact; others are bigger-boned. They all have wonderful big paws.


Candy Minx said...

Oh that little baby on eis's pulling on my heart strings!

tshsmom said...

Newfs are great dogs, but then I'm a sucker for "water" dogs. The only drawback is they slobber a LOT when it's hot.