Saturday, October 18, 2008

Meeting Newfoundlands

This morning we went for a drive in the country to visit a Newfoundland breeder. When we got there, the black in the picture started barking at us along with one of his pals. When we opened the car door, though, they bounded up, tails wagging, determined to make new friends.

We met all the dogs. The landseer (black and white) in this picture is a new mom. I believe her name is Zoe. I liked her quite a lot. She has a litter of blacks and landseers which are now just a little over three weeks old. With the exception of one bronze male who was a little shy, all the dogs were very friendly and outgoing.


Wandering Coyote said...

What great-looking dogs!

But what will all the kitties think??

mister anchovy said...

the kitties will teach the dogs their place, and hopefully will enjoy cuddling up at night.

Metro said...

The first time I met a Newfie dog was when I was about six. It scared me out of a year's growth 'cos it was bigger than me.

Re. Dogs and kitties: My ex-boss owns papillons, one of whom was nursing when my eb came by four abandoned kittens. The mama papillon allowed the kittens to nurse until she weaned her pups. Unfortunately it was too soon for the kittens, but there was something noble in the attempt.