Wednesday, October 22, 2008

After the Purge

Even after purging our painting storage, we have a lot of paintings on-hand. We're having painting storage racks built in the middle bedroom upstairs. These should handle the pictures we're keeping and hopefully provide some additional storage as our painting habits continue. The racks should be completed tomorrow, which is good because our living room is filled with paintings.

We're also going to make some storage in the back of Tuffy's studio, which is in what used to be the garage. The previous owners of the house had turned the space into a music practice space. It's insulated and dry-walled, and we've put a new picture window/casement window combination on the back. From the front, it looks like a garage, but the old garage door is mere decoration now. From inside, it's wall on three sides and window and door on the fourth.


Candy Minx said...

Sounds like the place is coming along and you're both going to be more and more comfortable. Excellent news.

Anonymous said...

do you guys exhibit?

mister anchovy said...

yes we do, nursemyra.