Friday, April 04, 2008


I renewed my busking permit with the City of Toronto today. This year it only took 45 minutes compared to the hours in a line-up last time. Tomorrow promises to be a nice day, so I'm planning on playing in Kensington Market for a few hours, mid-morning to early afternoon. If you're in the area and you hear button accordion, stop by. Naturally I'll have copies of Cachorros Piquantes available.

PS....thanks Muppie! Your CDs will be in the post Monday morning.


sp said...

Glad the permit ordeal was a much more reasonable amount of energy and time. Have a great time in Kensington Market.
How do I obtain a cd?

Gardenia said...

Sigh - someday you might be on a great accordian tour and I shall listen to you life then?

Have to go - its 5 a.m. and Ms. Meowi is working on tearing the screen off the window so she can come in from outside and poop on the floor.

Gardenia said...

I mean "live."

mister anchovy said...

Sp, email your mailing address to me: misteranchovyATexciteDOTcom. I'll send you a CD and email you my address, so you can send me 10 canadianos + a couple bucks to cover shipping.

Hey should visit Toronto one day. We'd be happy to show you around.