Sunday, March 30, 2008

Searching for Mister Anchovy

different kinds of drums - to a beat of a different drummer
50's poems - I got a 6 and a 12 pack too...I drink 50 and I don't drink Blue
dennis weaver earthship - who knew?
weltmeister accordion - any accordion is a good accordion
vibrandoneon - is the new Johnny Cash finger
scrubby dynatones - for the polkaholics in the crowd
cleveland accordion museum - forget the rock 'n roll hall of fame, baby
"friendly giant" theme - is it true he played it live each day?
patychky - Polish soul food
Charlie McCoy - sure can blow that harmonica

PS The painting is a small diptych called Mister Anchovy's Bad Dream, painted in 1996. I still enjoy this oddball little picture a lot!


zydeco fish said...

I like that, esp the left side for some reason. The title is good too.

Gardenia said...

What fun is that painting!

I like the new banner photo too - wish I were there with a pole today...........