Wednesday, February 13, 2008

City Beat

A trustee of the Catholic School Board in our area, Christine Nunziata, has been fired for missing 4 Board meetings in a row. She was also all over the papers a week earlier, after her lavish and inappropriate spending habits with public funds were revealed. I wonder if she would have been fired for absenteeism if she wasn't caught in the spending scandal? Apparently, she is now in hospital. I know nothing of her medical issues, but I hope she recovers soon. Missing four meetings is a lot for a trustee, for whatever reason. Her spending, as reported in our daily papers, appears to be altogether inappropriate. I expect our local politicians to set the bar high for themselves!

Speaking of spending scandals, a Toronto City staffer named Tim Ivanyshyn was fired without cause very recently. Interestingly, he was the bureaucrat responsible for vetting the expenses of our City Councillors, expenses which have in some cases been shown to be very high indeed. Mr. Ivanyshyn has 28 years experience at his job. We don't know why he was released. He isn't commenting. I think we deserve to know why he is gone.

I've said before that I'm not impressed with our City government. I've made some comments on this blog in the past that have been critical of our Mayor, Mr. Miller; however, let me say that I'm no more impressed with most of the Councillors running the place, nor with the previous few Toronto mayors.


Wandering Coyote said...

Christine sounds bi-polar from what you described. I'm just saying...

Gardenia said...

More politics - cover ups, and firings to cover up - - - too bad mostly politics draw people who only want power and money

Candy Minx said...

Sounds like she has had soem love issues and for sure I think Wandering Coyote might be right the spending does sound bi-polarish...

I know you are against the street car as prioroty transportation on St. Clair...I get that and we more or less agree to disagree (i like Spadina...I thought it was going to ruin the Spadina street but it's better than ever, I was wrong there for wanting to stop street car prioroty design). I think it is unreasonable to hold the street car priority design on St. Clair against Miller overshadowing his general run in office.

But...maybe you don't remember the decade and MORE of crap that politicians did to Toronto, closing hospitals, trying into build a bridge to island airport, creating a disaster with "megacity" outlawing basement apartments (creating more homeless downtown). Miller has almost singlehandedly been fighting that prick McGuinty and other profit mad gangsters about a waterfront power station. Miller's support of environmental considerations and the community well being has been a welcome event in my eyes.

mister anchovy said...

As I said clearly in my post, Candy, I have serious problems with previous mayors and assorted other city politicians; however, I don't excuse Mr. Miller. Although he was elected with a broom (literally) in his hand, as the guy who was going to sweep away everything wrong with the city, I predict he will not be well-remembered as a Toronto mayor.

Is he as bad as Lastman? That would be pretty hard to achieve.

I disagree about Spadina. Maybe the streetcar is faster than the old Spadina Bus, and maybe the streetcar is not the only cause - cities change for all kinds of reasons - but I don't think the street has nearly so much character these days as it once had.

I don't have any problem with improved public transit. My problem is that what they are doing isn't much improving transit - but it is seriously messing with our neighbourhood, and our neighbourhood businesses. I used to take that car every day to and from work. In my experience, the only difficulty was with left-turners on half a dozen streets in the Yonge/Avenue area. Some modest changes might have been far more prudent and at least as effective. I'm not going to argue the point again here. It's one I've made on this blog in the past.

I wanted to like Mr. Miller as a Mayor, but yes I have been disappointed. The St. Clair business is one area of disappointment. I also was less than impressed with the recent narrowing of Lansdowne Ave.

As well, I was very disappointed with the way petulant way he positioned the City's financial plight in the fall, which I have also posted about previously on this blog.

During the last election campaign, had shown up at the all-candidates meetings in this neighbourhood to face angry residents, I would have given him points for community well-being. However, he was unavailable at these meetings, and left his candidate, Bravo, on her own to deal with the community. Ms. Bravo was an excellent candidate in many respects but lost to a hapless Cesar Palacio in a community sadly divided over St. Clair.

Candy Minx said...

I find Spadina to have survived and even blossomed with more business despite my initial worries over street car tracks added.

It will be interesting to see how St Clair responds in the future.y the delegate Ms. Bravo wasn't able to hold her own.