Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Recording - Whistle of the Train

J finished up the mix for a Portuguese party tune, called A Pita o Comboio, which means Whistle of the Train. If you ever go to a Portuguese wedding, I can almost guarantee that you'll hear this one.

So, here is Squeezebox Dogs, with our version of A Pita o Comboio.

The recording on this one is bare-bones. We played button accordion and piano accordion live together, and added guitar and bass later.

Please let me know if you have any trouble listening to this cut. (One person told me he had problems listening to the last one I posted).


Ink Casualty said...

sorry...nothing to do with your post but hey..if you liked THERE WILL BE BLOOD...good for I said..I did too but I thought it was flawed
are you going to the Earle Massey gig? Perhaps we should meet before or after.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, but i am having trouble getting the song to play or download. The first few times that i tried, my firewall interceded and took me directly to their site to warn me that i was trying to go to a high risk web site; a site known to distribute spyware and did i really want to continue on there anyway. i did and so it took me there. Your posting was not on the page. My choices were to log in or create a new account. And so i hit the back button and returned here, refreshed the page and tried again. This at least took me to the proper page. However, as before, the page would not allow me to just listen and choosing to download it just took me back to my firewall's warning page and then the box page wanting to do anything but let me listen....i thought to try the link from last week, but see that it is no longer there....By the way, my firewall has never done this sort of thing before and has not done it with any other page that i have attempted to load since doing it last week.
Disco M Bobulation

mister anchovy said...

Very strange. I've been able to play it on my Mac at home, and on a PC that sits behind a serious firewall, both with no problem. I've asked some others to try it at home tonight, and we'll see if they can do it.

Yes, Tuffy P and I are going to the Massey Hall show, along with two friends. Maybe we can connect.

Gardenia said...

Worked out great. Nice job mixing. The boxes sound great. You guys are on your way to go pro sounds like...

mister anchovy said...

Thanks Gardenia. I've had another report in by email that the file is working fine. Disco, I don't know what the issue is with your firewall, but so far, yours is the only report of a problem.