Saturday, January 19, 2008


Recognizing the number, I picked up my phone at work, answering, "Hi". Tuffy P was on the other end. "Somebody hit my car". "Oh no, are you all right? Were you in it?" "Parked?" "A transport truck?"

It turns out she was working away when an 18 wheeler, trying to negotiate out of a very tight space, bashed into Tuffy's car. Some people from other businesses came into her office and told her the back was smashed up. The guy had taken off. No note. No explanation.

Fortunately, they have security cameras located outside Tuffy's office, and the incident was caught on camera. It was the tractor trailer that regularly delivers food to a nearby caterers. The guy bashed her car and drove off. Trying to be a nice and reasonable person, Tuffy called the company and explained what happened. They sent somebody down to her office to look at the video. At that point the driver went to the collision reporting centre. Even though her car was hit very hard, lots of damage was done, and the guy took off, the police chose not to charge him with failing to remain at the scene, because he reported the accident. Never mind that he only reported it after Tuffy caught him on the security camera. The policeman said the driver likely didn't even realize he hit her car. Given the tight quarters and the amount of damage, I admit to being skeptical. Tuffy's decision to call the company first and not the police may have saved that driver from being charged.

Her insurance company has now been notified. The incident has been reported. The car is now at an "approved garage". We don't know how long it will be before the car is fixed and ready. The insurance should cover a rental if she needs one. It isn't clear yet how much damage was done. The video shows the impact rocking the car badly. We don't know if there is any non-visible damage yet. The back hatch is bashed and the back window is smashed and there is also a bash on the back left panel.

We didn't get home until 9:00, fed the cats, and threw together a quick dinner. After, we saw no alternative but to bake up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.


Anonymous said...

Wow! i'm really glad that Tuffy P was not in the car when it was struck. And yes, i find it rather difficult to believe that the driver was unaware that the backing up was particularly noisy and difficult that day.

Candy Minx said...

Whew what a scary sight...I almost threw up when I saw the pic...a relief it happened stationary.

Remember when I posted pics of the truck that tore down the fire escape next to our apartment...? A lot of the damage continued because the driver didn't notice. These trucks are big and can take a lot of jarring...often feeling jarring is part of the feel inside a big truck. I know I've driven in them many times...I know a few film set drivers similar accidents...they didn't feel the damage.

But...the driver is very lucky that Tuffy P called the company first...

Um, choc cookies huh? I'm surprised you didn't also rent Cronenberg's CRASH ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Thank you higher calling that no ONE was hurt!! The healing cookies is a nice touch.


Anonymous said...

A failing to remain charge on the driver's record would really hurt his employment as a truck driver and my guess is that is why the police decided to give him a break. This is "selective enforcement" a concept that should not happen. Charges are to be laid when the bare facts warrant. It is for the courts to decide the guilt.

I am really glad Tuffy wasn't in the car, but this is still a real hassle for her.

Gardenia said...

Oh, chocolate chips are the only thing that could comfort after this!

Thankfully Tuffy P was not in the car when that happened. It is a miracle the car was not crushed. That had to be a pretty big crash sound - I bet the driver did hear it.

At any rate, you can bet he's not getting off lightly because trucker employers are TOUGH!

Yet, it doesn't seem fair that he didn't get charged, even if he didn't hear it, isn't one supposed to look before they back?

sp said...

I'm so sorry about the car. Choc. chip cookies are a good idea after a stressful incident.

Wandering Coyote said...

...And the cookies were great.

Seriously, though...I of course heard the story first hand and thought it was ridiculous that the driver was not charged with a hit and run. I'm just glad Tuffy is OK!