Friday, May 04, 2007

Bartleman says he's sorry

He's sorry? Let me understand. He knew the RCMP did nothing to prevent the bombing of the plane when they knew there was a threat. The plane was blown up, and he sat on this for 22 years. Did I get it right? He's sorry?

What else is known about this that officials neglected to tell the public? This is outrageous. The Lt Governor was then Director General of Intelligence Analysis and Security. Here is a quote from the article: "Saying he was "deeply sorry" for the pain family members of victims are experiencing, James Bartleman said he wanted to publicly reiterate why he did not speak out for "so many years."

"I acted immediately 22 years ago on seeing the document in question. This document contained highly classified information," Bartleman said Friday.

"Within five minutes of seeing that document, I was showing it by hand to a senior RCMP officer in a position to take action."

Bartleman added that he had "no doubt whatsoever" that the police would "take appropriate action."

It seems they didn't. 392 people died in the Air India blast.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mr. Anchovy, we feel so validated for all of the ranting that we've been doing around our house since this story broke. The details of the story are all so fishy, too so how 'bout an anchovy rating on the plausibility of the "I don't remember who the senior person is that I talked to"?
Don't you think a downed plane with that many dead would imprint that person's face on your brain????
Muppie and Mr. Muppie

Wandering Coyote said...

Man, this whole Air India thing is just getting more and more ridiculous. It's absolutely unbelievable that all this stuff is coming to light so long after the fact. And those two guys got off! What is wrong with people?

mister anchovy said...

Fish start to smell after a couple days. This has been over two decades - it's more than fishy. I wonder why he finally spilled the beans?

I think we need a full public inquiry to investigate the RCMP.

Wandering Coyote said...

I agree, but that's probably the last thing anyone on Parliament Hill wants right now.