Sunday, April 22, 2007

Garden clean-up day

With such a beautiful day in Toronto, the only thing to do was mess about in the garden. Tuffy joined in too, planting a few annuals for some early colour before the garden comes up in earnest. After a day of fresh air and exercize, I'm ready to sit back with a book for a while and chill.


Anonymous said...

I generally wait until I see forsythias bloom, (they haven't have they?) but I'll hitch my garden to your star this year and start mucking around.

Gardenia said...

I'm in the mood, but not the grove. Anyway, my lawn is mowed, and the new sprinkler system is making the grass come back - a cool spring has encouraged the roses - they are LOADED with buds.....intermingled with grass, nasty dollar weed, and cling-on ferns from outerspace. I don't know if the daylillies will bloom - they are impacted - but there is something so life affirming getting out there and tending your corner of nature, huh?