Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tuffy's show

There was an opening reception for Tuffy's exhibition at Lonsdale Gallery tonight. I had to pick up the new old car after work first, and fight traffic back through the city. Sorry I don't have pics from the opening. Timmer took some though, so I'm hoping he will post up on his blog, and I'll link over there for you. We saw some old friends which was great - including Anita and Behzad, who walked all the way up from Richmond St. downtown. It was great to see everyone, and to see Tuffy's work up on the gallery walls. We were exhausted by the time we got home - had a pizza delivered and sat back to watch The French Connection. I had forgotten how beautifully shot that film was!


Candy Minx said...

We would have loved to have been there sounds like it was fun to see everybody. I had talked to Anita for a couple hours earlier that day and was so pleased to hear they were going to make, sad we would miss the party! Her and Behzad walk a LOT now, they seem to have memorized the entire city in the process.

Did Anita tell you it's official? I have a stalker! Me and my big ideas, I always wanted to live like a rock star, careful what you wish for. Stagg always reads this weekely paper on his way home from work, ever a good thing he does, because he noticed with short notice...that the Rebirth Brass Band was playing. Not only playing in town, but in our neighbourhood! So we walked over lots of room and lots of tickets and what a show. We had seen the movie, remember? (which I intend on mailing you oops keep forgetting) and they are so terrific. They've been playing since they were teens over twenty years now, in little joints in New Orleans. We danced the whole time and it was such a treat. You all would have loved the evening. I kept bragging that I have a stalker na na na na na.

Underground Baker said...

Hi mister anchovy,
I'm looking forward to seeing Puffy T's work posted.
And I am impressed with your dedication to the game of go. You must be a very adept player by now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mister Anchovy
I would have gone to the opening but I work till 9pm on Thursday nights. Anne and I are going to go on Saturday. John M