Wednesday, November 15, 2006

dear mister insurance company

I popped over to my letter of the day and had a good laugh at Lee's letter to the greedy insurance company. As it happens, I wrote my insurance company today too, for the same reason. I traded in the old Subaru for a 2001 low-milage Corolla and those madcaps at my insurance company quoted me an over-the-top crazy price. I made some calls, and everybody else was pleased to offer me quotes so much cheaper, for what I saved, I could buy a decent little accordion (it's ok Tuffy P., I'm not accordion shopping again).


Tim said...

Cool, where's the pic?

Lynn said...

I have created a swap for women and men to participate in. It is a cheapy one, yet will be fun.
Wanna join The Three Pin Shuffle?

Gardenia said...

Oh that was a brilliant letter was it not? Thieving pack of wolves, insurance companies.