Monday, October 23, 2006

Primo Levi book voted best science book ever

This article refers to The Periodic Table, a brilliant book, published in 1975. It contains 21 stories or pieces each named after an element and each from Mr. Levi's Life. Mr. Levi was a chemist, a middle-class Jew living in Turin who was captured by the Nazis and shipped to Auschwitz in 1943. He is also well-known for the chilling book, Survival in Auschwitz.

There are many reviews of The Periodic Table available on the web. I'm not going to write in any detail about it here. This morning, I saw a mention of the book in the morning paper, because of this designation as the best science book. I did a double-take because I had never thought of it as a science book.

If you haven't read The Periodic Table, do.

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