Tuesday, October 24, 2006

my music teacher has a website up

John Filici teaches me piano accordion at his storefront school at College and Dufferin here in Toronto. He also taught me to play the 3-row diatonic button accordion, or what the Portuguese call "concertina". This gets a little confusing because other cultures call a different instrument a concertina. This gets even more complicated because there are different varieties of concertinas that are all quite unique.

John's school is called the Ibero American Conservatory of Music. John speaks English, Spanish, Portugese and Italian and is well versed in music from all those traditions. In my own study, I've asked to learn the various international dance forms on the accordion, such as tango, milonga, pasa doble, waltz, polka, tarantella and so on.

This is the first time Ibero American has tried advertising on the web. You can see pictures of some of the young students on the site.


Candy Minx said...

What!? No picture of Mister Anchovy at the school!?

Great little website, I hope he gets lots of business! Does he leave flyers at board of educatio? Should.

mister anchovy said...

He mostly advertises through flyers in the local area. He's never had a site up before.

Ice Queen said...

Hot damn! I want some accordion lessons, and so does my 5 year old.

No, seriously.

Ice Queen said...

I just e-mailed him for info. Thanks!

mister anchovy said...

hey Ice Queen,
The best thing to do is give John a call, or go down and visit one evening or Saturday. John basically teaches the Palmer-Hughes books, but for me, we quickly branched off into some other music John thought would interest me, and some tunes I brought to the table as well. I go Saturday mornings for my accordion lesson.