Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cesar acted like nothing happened today

Before tonight's Councillor's debate, Cesar Palacio was smiling and shaking hands. If you hadn't read the Toronto Star today, you wouldn't know about the front page article I linked to in an earlier post today. However, if you expected Cesar to make a direct statement about this, you would have left disappointed. He decided to, as he said, not dignify the question with a direct answer - although the question was asked at least three times.

Cesar's literature lists some positive things he has accomplished in the ward, and he has been opposed to the street car right-of-way all along. He has a lot of support in Ward 17, although last time out, Bravo made it a race. Mr. Palacio received a direct endorsement from mayoral candidate Jane Pitfield tonight. The article in the Star must have taken a lot of wind out of his campaign, though. If the article was not true, I think he should have come out and said, look this is simply not true, and set the record straight. I didn't hear the straight answer I needed to hear tonight......

Cesar, I invite you to set the record straight here on mister're welcome to comment.

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