Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bravo impressive.....but

Alejandra Bravo is an impressive candidate in the Councillor's race here in Ward 17 in Toronto. She is bright, articulate, passionate - she has a strong record of good work in the city - she's an infectious speaker - and she has a very bright future in Toronto politics and beyond.

I just have one problem..... I think she's on the wrong side of the St. Clair TTC right-of-way debate. She supports the construction. I would like to vote for her, but it keeps coming back to this one issue. Bravo argues that St. Clair is going to change and we have to assure that the community gets the most out of the change. Point taken, but change doesn't mean we need the raised cement monster dividing the street. If she was on the other side of this debate, I would be right behind her all the way.

So, Alejandra.... if you read this, here's your chance to try to convince me......


Underground Baker said...

Hey mr anchovy, oddly enough, I have met her and know some of her family quite well. (I don't know Alejandra, other than a conversation or two over dinner. It was obvious then that she is completely devoted to her community.)
I'm going to see her relatives this weekend! Hmmm, may just have to mention your blog.

Candy Minx said...

I was very much against this development of tracks on St Clair which I think is what you are talking about? I understood it was already paid for and money spent to construction crews a couple of years ago. NOT that that money couldn't be returned or different work done by the construction workers and let St Clair alone.

YOu or a couple of people need to demonstrate how the construction will or won't affect flow of shopping and traffic and will it build a psychological barrier? Spadina did not die after it's changes with TTC, but is that luck, population determined to use retail spaces or good/bad planning.

You might also want to suggest finacial incentives for St Clair being a bike path primarily, with the current TTC usage. If I am thinking of the same need to ask, who is this for? CARS?

If it's for cars, forget it, you don't have a hope in hell, people are obsessed with driving and they will destroy city streets and traffic flow and safety to drive at all costs.

mister anchovy said...

no Candy, it is not for cars. However, I don't think it is for people or businesses in this community either. It is to save 5 minutes on the TTC route across the city. Construction has started and this has been pushed by Miller. However, no contracts have been tendered past Bathurst St. For the mayor's part of the debate last night, Pitfield and LeDrew were there, and both pledged to stop construction at Bathurst. Unfortunately, Mr. Miller declined to participate and face the opposition from this community.

mister anchovy said...

11,000 people have signed the petition to Save our St. Clair and this has been a battle royal in the city. Thinking back to your post recently here where you suggested that Miller was the only choice for the city, I didn't comment at the time, but I have to say in this community it isn't so simple as that. What Miller thinks is good for the city, many of us don't think is so good for this community. Yesterday I heard on the radio that construction will go until 2010!! Ms. Bravo appears to be an NDP candidate squarely in the Miller camp, and though she positions herself as being first and formost for 'more' in our community, I believe she is firmly on the wrong side of this one.

Candy Minx said...

You make fantastic points. I am against this kind of barrier in the street, don't get me wrong, I believe it makes the streets less negotiable and I don't like that.

What I also don't like is the thinking that constucting a barrier makes the TTc's work of transporting people five minutes faster, or even 20 minutes faster.

I believe that lots of support should be given to public transit. It bothers me that encouraging public transit has cornered innovation into this corner and limited problem solving.

What about the idea of traffic calming the area...of discouraging cars. If there were less cars cutting across the streets, another form of barriers in the street, the street cars and public transit would benefit. by being able to proceed qith more ease. Cars and bikes and TTC are competing literally rather than by reasoning through this issue. Rewards for not dribng and tax benefits or financisl strategies may need to be considered. A dollar a gallon tax for gas. Something, any kinds of innovative incentives or challenges to traffic flow. This is a traffic flow and environmental issue. It needs to be thought of and voiced as such.

I think the large number of participants on the petition is amaing now the petition signers should come up with some great ideas for addressing this challenge. Demand more TTc service runs, and find a way to educate or communcate that the large population of drivers is directly affecting these narrow thinking initiatives so far produced.