Saturday, September 16, 2006

slow morning busking

I went out to St. Lawrence Market this morning, arriving a little after 10:00. There was an acoustic guitar player in one of the doorways to the north building, so I left the building to him - my button box would make playing impossible for the guy. Instead, I set up outside among the booths. It was a slow market day. I had played for about 45 minutes or so when a band set up across the street. These characters brought enough amplification with them to play freakin Massey Hall. They sounded like a loud but bad Gypsey Kings tribute band to me. They were so loud, they totally drummed out my button box. So I walked across the street to suggest that if they didn't crank the volume so loud, other buskers could play too. They were neither friendly nor cooperative (translate: assholes). I tried inside the south building but the only spot I could get was poor. There were a lot of players around today.

I packed up and went shopping instead, after only making enough dough to cover my parking, lunch + about $10.

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