Thursday, July 20, 2006

Asger Jorn and CoBrA

Driving home form work today, in traffic, I found myself thinking about some artists I really enjoy who were part of the CoBrA Movement after WWII. Jorn and Alechinsky in particular are two artists I keep going back to. Both went on to do their best work after CoBrA. You can find out more about Jorn here and Alechinsky here. There were also a number of interesting artists associated loosely with CoBrA (which is Copenhagen Brussels Amsterdam for those who don't know). The brilliant and very witty Italian painter Enrico Baj is one as is Argentine born Lucio Fontana, who did, among other things, paintings involving slashed canvas.

Many of the CoBrA artists remain obscure to North American audiences, but I think this group is well worth a second look.

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