Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ben Shahn drawings

I was thinking about Ben Shahn today, the American social realist painter. Shahn was an interesting artist, and writer too - I've read his book, The Shape of Content multiple times. It is well worth reading if you are interested in painting, the social realist tradition, or would like a better insight into Shahn himself. The link here takes you to a collection of drawings at Harvard.


Isabella di Pesto said...

Mr. A,

Ben Shahn's daughter, Ann, lives on Cape Cod in Wellfleet. She, too is an artist and her work is well known.

She was married to the Pulitzer Prize winning American Poet, Alan Dugan, who died two years ago.

I attended Dugan's poetry workshops at Castle Hill in Truro for many summers, where I met Judith Shahn.

more information here:

Isabella di Pesto said...

Confusing comment. I don't know why I typed "Ann" when referring to Ben Shahn's daughter, Judith, at the beginning of the post.

It's that time of year when my brain is scrambled from all the stress.

mister anchovy said...

I figured that was what you meant. I saw a few of her images online. I didn't know what to expect - she has certainly taken a much different direction than her father.