Friday, May 20, 2005

Revenge of the Sh*t

Seems I'm not the only one who thinks it's OK to rearrange the letters of Sith and, at the same time, better describe the film. So, in honour of that, I offer my list of the top six things I would rather watch than Star Wars (or Lord of the Rings for that matter):

1) Question period in the Canadian House of Commons
2) Every episode of Leave it to Beaver
3) The Golf Channel
4) Waterworld
5) An electrocardiogram
6) Paint drying

Note: opinions expressed in this posting are not necessarily those of Mister Anchovy.


greatwhitebear said...

nor the opinion of great white bear, who just finished watching episodes one and two in preparation for Sundays trip to the multiplex!

zydeco fish said...

well, i hope you enjoy it. really.

Steel Turman said...

I can honestly say ... I have NEVER watched an entire Star Wars anything all the way through. EVER.

Watching a Star Wars anything is like ... trying to eat a plate of lutefisk.

It might taste good, if you have the right frame of mind at first ... but upon further tasting ... it tastes like shit.
And the more you eat the more you wish you'd gone for the BOILED CODFISH.

Or better yet ... gone to Dairy Queen.

zydeco fish said...

I just looked up lutefish. This dish can't be real. Who would willingly eat that?

Fritz said...

In Iceland they bury a piece of shark meat in the sand for two weeks then eat it when it really begins to stink. Got to be worse than Lutefish.

zydeco fish said...

Why would anyone invest so much time in making foo inedible and then eating it?

greatwhitebear said...

In Minnesota, Lutefisk is considered considered a holiday delicacy. Nothing like fish soaked in lye till it turns into gelatanous goo! Personally, I think I'd rather just consume the lye. The death has to be less painful.

tshsmom said...

The restaurant I work at has an annual lutefisk feed. People actually cry if we run out.
When I tell "lutefisk lovers" that I just don't get it, they tell me it's all in what you put on your lutefisk.
I can find a LOT of better things to put butter and cream sauce on than a piece of jello fish!!

T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

Unnh Fritz and Steely I am the dumb guy who tried/ate/choked down the Lutefish AND that icelandic rotten fish in the sand goo!

Yikes the things dumb guys like me will do for love! Like date Icelandic girl with parents who luv rotten fish then meet the sweet swede/severige-flicka guy ilska dy (I loved the swedish bird) and eat the lutefisk hemlock fish!

Still they were better than when my sister doctored in the arctic and brought back pickled seal, pickled seal flipper and pickled whale blubber.... Ummn chewy and frig I had to I-V ketchup into my system to make the pain go away!!

As for Star Wars 1 and 3 of original once and too long! and un-interested in the rest... walked out of #1 in new series.

I do enjoy t6he making of documentaries though and think Lucas is a techy genius!

T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

Oh and been calling it Revenge of the Syph... short for Syphilitic for two years.

But nat Portman!! Oh so yummeee!