Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good intentions

I suppose that between the accordion videos and the mushroom material I've been posting, I've been scaring away readers by the droves, since my hit count has been dwindling lately. Some folks are still showing up inadvertently, after trying the following searches:

ian tyson
hey ho between us
kisstony blogspot
har anchovy
friend panzerotti in arizona
mylodica review
how to make patychky
is anchovy useless
american hobos
mushrooms picking memphis
video chromatic accordion
mister corn
anchovy extract
j'ai passe devant la porte" lyrics


Stagg said...

"har anchovy" was so funny.

mister anchovy said...

somebody does that search all the time...(you know who you are)

brassawe said...

The hit count is just the usual ebb and flow, mr. anchovy. I neglected to tell you earlier that the photographs of the mushrooms were stunning.

And, "Viva acordeĆ³n!"

sp said...

mister corn?
I wasn't scared away by the content. It's the content that keeps me coming back. I've just been busy.

A said...

Oh no, I've been enjoying the mushroom posts even though I usually avoid them. (My brother-in-law once had to have his stomach pumped because he accepted some misidentified specimens from a friend and ate a few raw while cooking them. He now only eats what he picks and identifies himself!) But the photos are lovely and the variety fascinating.

I think it's just a busy season with school starting and weather changing. I know I'm not getting as much blog time as I like!