Friday, August 28, 2009


Here is a nice lobster specimen. They are often found partially and sometimes mostly hidden under leaves. At times they can be contorted pimply, dirty and ugly. They are a very tasty mushroom though.

Since collecting edible mushrooms can be a feast or famine business, I invested in a 5 drawer dehydrator to dry surplus mushrooms. This came in handy yesterday when I found so many lobsters. I'm drying my second batch. Two bowls went to friends, and there are plenty left for pasta with lobster mushroom sauce tonight.


sp said...

I definitely need to find someone who can teach me about mushrooms. It's one thing to read and look at pictures, but it's another thing to go out in the woods and be able to identify all those tasty mushrooms.

Your success is very inspiring and I am in awe and impressed. Bravo.

mister anchovy said...

Check to see if you have a local mycological society. If you do, they likely have forays into the woods for members, where everyone gathers mushrooms, followed by an identification session.

You're right, you will learn way more from a person than from a book. Books will help after you've started looking in the woods. It takes a while to learn to focus on finding mushrooms in the woods. With some experience, you start seeing mushrooms you used to miss. Some of them blend in amazingly well with their surroundings.

If you plan to pick mushrooms for food, be sure of your identification. Get a good field guide for your area. I only pick to eat mushrooms that I am 100% certain I know.