Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hazel to run again

Long time popular Mississauga, Ontario Mayor Hazel McCallion has announced that she intends to run for another term. Why not? She's only 88 and 11 terms aren't quite enough to accomplish everything.... Last time out she garnered 92% of the votes. It will be interesting to see if anybody takes a run at her this time out.


Patience said...

I wonder if she's going to be one of those people who live well over a hundred. She should will her body to science.
Now in the case of Toronto; that's just another story. Are there no serious contenders for Miller??

Anonymous said...

88? she should be in the gimcrack by now

Candy Minx said...

Oh god. Thats the last thing the city needs is her with her programs. This is another lousy mayor in our history. She has rarely supported anythig innovative including bike lanes!!! She also used her areas taxes as means to try to get more votes. Taxes are part of life lady!

Urgh...I hope she doesn't get elected. I hope people in Miss. try to think about urban life and try to stop being obsessed with cars as the prioroty vehicles. How unenlightened.

Candy Minx said...

For me this McCallion is an example of borderline treason...I feel she is anti-Canadian!

From Lorraine D., Mississauga
Question: What government responsibility/power that is currently handled by the province or at the federal level do you believe belongs in the domain of city leaders? How would such a transfer of power better serve the people of each respective city?

Mayor McCallion replies: A somewhat different approach to this question would be what we would like to see change at the federal and provincial level that would help municipalities operate better. In fact, it would be a good first step to stop the continuous downloading that these levels of government force upon us. As an example, as a result of provincial legislation, $44 million of property taxes contributed by Mississauga residents go to the City of Toronto to help pay their social service costs yet we have no say as to how this money is spent.

The property tax base is inadequate to meet all the demands placed on it for social and income redistribution programs and public health needs. Such programs should be funded through progressive taxes such as income taxes and should be uploaded to the Province. Municipalities also need access to new, stable and long term source of funding.

In cases where the government does provide funding to assist municipalities, such as the gas tax, it is done so with so many restrictions, conditions and limitations that the municipalities are not allowed to use the money in the way that would help them the most, which essentially prohibits us from governing in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

mister anchovy said...

I don't understand why Ms. McCallion would do anything in particular just to get votes. After all, she hasn't had any serious opposition in decades.

My friends in the 905 areas have all told me (translate: complained bitterly) they pay much higher taxes than we do in Toronto, so Candy, I'm surprised to hear your comment about taxes.

I wouldn't be surprised if some candidates surface this time around and take a run at her. However, she is a tremendously popular figure in Mississauga, and she will not be easy pickings for anyone.

I don't personally have a strong opinion about Ms. McCallion as a Mayor either way. I don't live in Mississauga, and I don't think a different Mayor would be likely to make major changes there, simply because I don't think there are that many people living in Mississauga who are all that dissatisfied with the way the place is run.

Candy's comments about her being anti-Canadian are by far the strongest negative comments I've ever heard about this mayor. "Borderline treason" is a pretty strong term, and I presume it was meant as constructive hyperbole.