Sunday, August 16, 2009


I picked enough tasty edibles yesterday for dinner. There are chanterelles here as well as Hedgehog or Sweet-tooth mushrooms.


Bloggerboy said...

The first time I went to Germany as a teen I traveled with my grandparents. My mother gave me strict instructions not to eat fresh mushrooms if served by my relatives. She explained that the relatives and friends picked the mushrooms in the woods and that she did not trust their expertise. Sure enough, I was offered fresh mushrooms by my grandparents and great aunt that had been picked by a neigbor. They were speechless when I declined. Your posts have gotten me interested in finding out about local mushrooms. This is another example of how knowledge gets lost from one generation to the next. Back in the day, I assume that just about every Hausfrau knew which mushrooms were edible. Hunters, too.

sp said...

I've heard about the hedgehog and have heard they're very good. I've been reading about wild mushrooms but have yet to go out on my own. We plan to go out with my step-dad in September and learn from him in the field. I can't wait. When we were in Italy I got very good at identifying porcini so I hope I have the same success with chanterelles or maybe even morels here.

Timmer said...

Glad you know your mushrooms!
I bet they were tasty!

mister anchovy said...

There can be danger in mushroom knowledge being passed from generation to generation, because it can be based on the idea that a certain mushroom must be OK because my dad and his dad ate them. I understand that some mushrooms build up toxins bit by bit and are OK until you reach a certain level. As well, some mushrooms are ok for most people but a smaller % of the population have reactions. My brother suggested to me that there are mushrooms which are regularly consumed in Europe which he would describe as risky. Maybe he's overly conservative, but we are after all talking about some nasty poisons.

All that said, knowledge passed down is a beautiful thing and I wouldn't want to discourage it. Today though, we live in the world museum. We have access to field guides and mushroom forums and lots of research. When I collect mushrooms, I want to be sure of what I'm collecting.

SP I haven't found porcini here YET, but I hope to some time this fall!

Anonymous said...

I love wild mushrooms