Thursday, August 20, 2009

And what a storm!

When Tuffy P came in from work, she reported the storm was on its way south. I took Memphis for a quick walk. By the time we got to the corner though, I knew I had to turn back and not delay. Thunder cracked and rumbled across the sky. From the front lawn I could see the storm front. A bank of light-coloured clouds were flying across the sky at tremendous speed. To the northwest, the light was strange and sickly. Gulls were flying in strange patterns. Then the wind picked up, and Memphis and I slipped inside. Within seconds the rain and the wind came roaring across the street. The rain came in sheets, one after another and the locust tree in the front yard waved around like a terrified scarecrow. The sky lit up and lit up again.

By 8:00 it was over, at least the first and hopefully main round of it. We could see lightning strike south and east over the lake.

some excellent pics and video footage on blogTO
I've heard reports that multiple tornadoes touched down in our area last night, but then this morning I heard the weather moguls were arguing about which were actually tornadoes and which were other un-named nasty weather events.


haveflywillfish said...

Like opening day eh?

Wandering Coyote said...

I am just watching special coverage of this right now on CITY. CRAZY, man! I am so glad you turned around when you did!!

Gardenia said...

"It's rainin' all over the woooorld." Ray Charles

mister anchovy said...

yes, havefly, I remember that storm very well, because I found myself driving during it! This time we were safe at home and our immediate neighbourhood seems to have been spared any serious damage.

L.M. said...

Downtown had this wonderful light quality right after the storm passed over.

sp said...

Glad you're all safe and sound. What a crazy storm.