Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Anchovy Swamp

Our area experienced very severe thunderstorms today which dumped a remarkable amount of water down in just a few hours. Driving home from work, I couldn't get through the underpass south of Horner on Dixie, Thirtieth or Kipling due to 2-3 feet of water under the bridge, but finally discovered that Brown's Line was OK.

The photos are the Anchovy Swamp, formerly known as our backyard. I may go out there after dinner with a fly rod if there's an evening mayfly hatch and see if I can hook into a big grass trout. The good news is that our basement is dry!

The Storms are on the Ocean (Mother Maybelle Carter)

Shelter from the Storm (Bob Dylan, live 1976)

Stormy Monday Blues (T-Bone Walker)


Candy Minx said...

Yikes! Maybe you could get your garden re-zoned as a certified wildlife habitat.



Barbara Bruederlin said...

I understand those grass trout are great fighters and even better eating. Thank god you have no basement trout though.

mister anchovy said...

Barbara, you're right. One of the problems with basement trout is finding the room to get a decent back-cast. Limited to roll-casting, my accuracy in getting the fly in front of the risers is poor at best.

It's a little hard to see in the photos, but much of the yard was under a couple inches of water when I got home today.

tshsmom said...

It's been raining every day here, but only small amounts at a time. So far our back yard hasn't flooded this year...yet.

That was a good test for your basement. Congrats on the dryness!

L.M. said...

I ended up with wall trout after one of those storms (yup I need some masonry work on my house)

sp said...

Could you ship some water out this way. We're parched.

Patience said...

I was driving down Thirtieth Street; saw the lake under the underpass and doubled back. Kipling was fine though; weird.
Our sump pump overflowed but not by much. Our garden was a temporary swamp but then drained. We installed a weeping tile system for just such an occasion.