Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Search words that led to this island in the sun

accordion porn (oh baby baby)
sakatoon crumble (smells so sweet)
petosa accordion for sale (Clifton Chenier played a Petosa)
meester anchovy (yep)
wine wankers (Har)
different kinds of drums (and drummers too)
hornpipe creative commons (I like the Sailor's Hornpipe)
Patychky (tastes from my childhood)
panzerotti calzone difference (for the discerning junk food enthusiast)
storm 6" anchovy sale (I'll take two)


S.M. Elliott said...

hahahahaha accordian porn....
And I thought "camel syphilis" was strange.

Ink Casualty said...

Accordian porn ??!?!?!?!
oh....momma definately gots a squeezebox and I want me some

I was surprised to hear BABEL didn't do it for you