Friday, June 26, 2009

No winners

The civic worker strike in Toronto continues. A number of city parks are on the road to becoming stinking little garbage dumps. The media reported that the Mayor was seen slipping into City Hall by a side door the other day to avoid facing picketers.

Nobody wins.

What's the very best the union is likely to get out of the strike? My guess is an arbitrated settlement that doesn't do too much damage to their sick benefits is about the best they can hope for.

The politicians lose too. They lose credibility. They lose votes. Miller has been seen as a "labour" Mayor but his popularity has been tanking. How much can the city afford to give up? The feds just nixed their request for money to cover the much talked about deal for new LRT vehicles. Hardly anyone is saying lets pay more taxes.

Residents lose all around. Garbage piles up. Day cares are closed. Permits are all on hold.

Nobody wins. Everybody loses. The garbage piles up.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

This situation just stinks. Please forgive the pun.