Monday, June 29, 2009

The Circus

On my way out the door, I heard a radio announcer saying, "We'll be right back with more on the Michael Jackson situation." I thought he died - what more could there be? The investigation, that's it. Now we're in for a week or two of "developments", conflicting stories, celebrity interviews and so on. The media circus around celebrity deaths intensifies the more eccentric the celebrity. Over the past day or two, we've heard revelations and concerns from other celebrities that Mr. Jackson's behaviour had become strange. Good thing they told us that. Otherwise, how would we have known? There have been suggestions in the media that Mr. Jackson had been taking prescription narcotics. Hard to imagine a celebrity taking drugs, isn't it?

I'm sure we'll here lots more, like it or not.

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Wandering Coyote said...

...And now the custody battle, too! Just saw on the CBC site that now his mother wants custody of his 3 kids. That's going to be in the news for ages I guarantee you. Actually, I feel really badly for those kids...