Monday, May 18, 2009


Yesterday I made a new garden at the side of the house, right near the side door. This area is partly shady, and had been overrun with lily-of-the-valley. I dug out the lily-of-the-valley and moved it to other shady areas of the backyard where I'd like to encourage it. I removed all the bits I could because this plant is pretty aggressive (spreads by rhyzomes) and I'm sure it will try to come back. I actually moved a lot of soil with the plants, then put down some newspaper and then added triple mix on top of that to form the new garden. When we first moved in, we hired an arbourist to clean up tree branches from various trees around the property. I used some of the offcuts I've had piled up to form the edging for this garden.

We also bought a flat of impatiens yesterday and I added them to the first garden I made to spark up the colour until the perrenials start to grow in.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You have been busy and it will pay off, as your garden will look splendid in just a couple of weeks.
But they are overshadowed by your adorable beyond belief puppy!

I finally managed to clear out the perennial beds yesterday.

Candy Minx said...

Wow you can really see her face looks a little older...looks like what she is going to look lke when she gets bigger.

Stagg said...

I never knew that about newspapers 'n such within the beans.

Gardenia said...

Me thinks, if this lovely little rascal gets loose, she'll make quick work of the gardens. Will wait for more garden pics as the garden grows.

I should be getting my new cord for the laptop any day and will be posting some pics of my garden....already had a green pepper that was exquisitely good . . . herbs, and two small cherry tomatoes are turning red!

sp said...

What a cute face and so expressive. Very cute puppy.

theduckthief said...

That's an adorable photo of your dog. She doesn't seem too happy with having her picture taken though.